Meet the team

Our team of experienced, friendly and caring Staff is taking part in regular training and undergoing continuous professional development, so you can be reassured that you are in safe and capable hands.

All of our team are registered member of the General Dental Council.

Mr. Ray Jack-Kee, BDS 1987
GDC no. 62761
Principal Dentist

Ms. Mamak Moghaddam, BDS 1997
GDC no. 73966

Ms. Xiaoli Du, IQE 2008
GDC no. 117955

Ms. Nyamsuren Otgontsokhio
GDC no. 139475
(Statutory Exam 2014 Professional Degree and Diploma National Medical University 1997)

Ms. Maryam Pairovan
GDC no. 81272
(Tandläkare Umeå 2001)

Ms. Zita Ivanauskiene
GDC no. 247780
Dental Nurse

Ms. Roxanne McKinnon
GDC no. 256336
Dental Nurse

Ms Anamaria Ghinet
GDC no. 270420
Dental Nurse

Ms. Joanna Walesiak
Practice Manager

Ms. Amina Basheer
Head Receptionist

Ms. Renata Biadala

Ms. Maylene Miguel

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